Her Heart His Soul

'I know I should crumble for better reasons

but have you seen that boy

he brings the sun to its knees 

every night' -Rupi Kaur

The very first words Jack ever spoke to me were 'can I have my ball back' after it pelted me in the face at approximately 80MPH. 

As fate would have it that cold wet slap to the face lead me to meet this boy that soon grew to be the man I call my soulmate. 

He couldn't have known what he would come to mean, carrying me through so many of life's greatest tests, piecing me back together like an expert in jigsaw puzzles and comic clumsiness. 

Your soul mate is the one that brings the laughter, the joy and the light to your all of your days, we love being a part of an industry that captures all of those beautiful moments. 

After all once the time has passed you by, the pictures are what you have left.


Fun Facts

Are we the perfect match for you?
Getting to know the people who will help bring your vision to life is key, here are some facts about us.

photo 13-07-2020, 14 57 04.jpg
  • We met at school when we were 12

  • We really are best friends

  • We love adventures

  • Proud dog parents to our little boy Willow the English Working Cocker Spaniel (see above)

  • Homeowners

  • Red wine enthusiasts 

  • Rod Stewart Sundays are our thing

  • We love to travel and got engaged in beautiful Jamaica

  • Rose works in Fashion and Creative

  • Jack is a Contracts Lawyer

  • Rose eats everything covered in cheese and then exercise to compensate, balance right?

  • Jack is the clumsiest person in the world

  • Rose is a football widow to West Ham United

  • Jack is just sad because of West Ham United

  • Constantly making each other laugh like idiots

  • Eating our way through life

  • Finally, we are unsure how we are still together after Rose did not share the floating door from the Titanic.



For specific measurements do not hesitate to ask.


Height: 5ft 7in
Bust: 32D

Waist: 24in
Hips: 35in

Jeans: 26in, 34in Leg

Dress Size: 6/8

Shoe Size: 5

Ears are pierced


Height: 6ft 2in

Chest: 40in

Waist: 34in

Hips/Bum: 39in

Hips to Floor: 42in

Inside Leg to Floor: 35in

Shoulder to Waist: 18in

Shoulder to Shoulder: 18in

White long sleeve shirt and black/tan shoes available upon request.